Providing luxury cars

We are presenting as an excellent brand, many services for Islamic Republic president, national and International conferences, congress, and seminars.

Heavy Duty Car 

Our motto is formalities are not the only equipment, therefore we are trying to provide luxury cars with formalities drivers as following:

- VIP cars reservation in Iran, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Lexus, and…
- Large variety of cars to easy to get around during your stay in Iran.
- Iranian car, including: Pars Peugeot, 405 Peugeot and Samand
- Cars in Iranian (Toyota Hiace، Benz, ….)
- Vans and Mini vans (Toyota Hiace, Benz, ....)
- SUV Buses (VVIP buses, VIP buses and middle buses)
- Heavy Duty vehicles in Iran (haul truck, lift truck and kinds of trucks)


Heavy Duty Car 

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Shemiran Branch: (+9821)22750122-22750155
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